UWSW will build and participate in collaborations that will affect a measurable increase in kindergarten readiness, third-grade reading scores, and high school graduation rates.

What does that all mean?

We want kids to be able to attend a quality preschool that helps them be prepared to start school. We want kids reading at third-grade level when they are in third grade. We want kids graduating from high school. To do all of these things, they also need supports along the way: a safe place to go after school, homework help, enough food to eat and a safe place to live.

How does this happen?

Our education goal does not fall on teachers. We want to provide extra supports to help students succeed while they are in school, so they can learn everything they can. Our community partners in education are working to meet these goals.


  • Studies show that children enrolled in an early learning program showcase the following: better behavioral patterns, higher IQ when entering kindergarten, faster learning, higher socio-economics outcomes later in life, higher earning potential (Wyo. Dept. of Education)
  • Third grade has been identified as the final year children are learning to read, after which students are reading to learn. If they are not reading at a proficient level when they start fourth grade, as much as half of the curriculum they are taught will be incomprehensible. (National Conference of State Legislators)
  • While the Wyoming Department of Education has announced the graduation rates are up across Wyoming as a whole, that is not the case for our coverage area (Lincoln, Sublette, Sweetwater and Uinta Counties). Graduation rates decreased in five of the nine districts. Fremont county had five of eight districts decrease.
  • Afterschool programs can boost academic performance, reduce risky behaviors, promote physical health, and provide a safe, structured environment for the children of working parents. (
  • Research shows that reading aloud with children is the single most important thing a parent can do to help prepare a child for reading and learning (